TCN700 - Technical Writing I

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Subject Title
Technical Writing I

Subject Description
Technical Writing I is a fourteen-week post-diploma course in technical writing. It is designed to introduce students to essential concepts and foundational skills necessary for success in technical writing while encouraging critical thinking about the practice of technical communication.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

Upon successful completion TCN 700, students will have demonstrated the ability to

1)   describe the purpose of technical communication and apply the related skills, think critically about the practice of technical communication,
2)   analyze audience and contextual variables to determine requirements and approach, create an outline to plan a document, using an appropriate organizational structure,
3)   write clear and correct descriptions and summaries,
4)   write clear, correct, and task-focused instructions,
5)   add front matter, introductions, and glossaries, as well as materials such as lists, tables and graphics,
6)   differentiate between the purposes of a table aof contents and an index,
7)   write using the principles of Simplified Technical English and applying the appropriate document format and layout,
8)   describe the purpose of a style guide, and use one effectively,
9)   consider accountability and the ethical implications of the work,
10) undersatnd the importance of preparation for translaation and adaptation for intercultural conexts,
11) collaborate effectively on a team writing project
12) recognize the differences between hard-copy and online documents, and
13) create readable, multimodal online resources on a specific topic using the Wordress blogging/website platform

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