MRK410 - Essentials of E-Marketing

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Subject Title
Essentials of E-Marketing

Subject Description
Students are introduced to e-marketing through on-line activities and web-based projects. The focus is on research and analysis of Internet business and marketing strategies. Students analyze and prepare e-marketing plans, proposal presentations and development of business website prototypes.

Credit Status
One credit will be granted upon successful completion of this subject.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Develop an understanding of online marketing opportunities, and the impact of the Internet on marketing activities ranging from pricing, product management and distribution, to intelligence gathering and strategy development.

2. Examine the Internet as a communication medium, distribution channel and CRM tool, and understanding the impact of related social and legal issues (e.g. privacy, security).

3. Identify a wide range of e-marketing issues by conducting effective marketing related Internet research.

4. Analyze and evaluate information related to e-marketing and be able to communicate that information with an appropriate business and technical vocabulary.

5. Compare traditional business and marketing practices with e-commerce and online marketing.

6. Actively participate in online discussions concerning e-marketing topics (e.g. the building and/or outsourcing of business and technical solutions).

7. Create a professional quality web storefront site based on a detailed marketing plan to illustrate knowledge of marketing on the Web.

8. Prepare and present a proposal of an e-marketing site to be developed by a team including a GOPST and SWOT analysis, marketing plan and website overview related to the business for which the site is proposed.

9. Create and present an effective model or prototype of an e-marketing related website working closely with the team and submit a full professional and detailed report on this project.

10. Work effectively as a team-member by demonstrating reliability, effective communications, and attention to all assigned deadlines.

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