LAY211 - Layout - Composition

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Subject Title
Layout - Composition

Subject Description
Layout 2 focuses on the skills involved in the creation of environmental layouts from a given story passage. This will begin with a thorough review of perspective and structural drawing. Later in the semester the student will be supplied with character and location designs, prop sheets, and storyboards from which they are to create a series of layout packages.

Credit Status
Animation Arts Program Course Hours: In class: 3 hrs per week / 42 hrs per semester

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

Successful students will have demonstrated knowledge of:

- the job description and expectations of a layout artist within a studio
- the meaning and vocabulary associated with layout and design in the field of classical animation
- an intermediate understanding of perspective
- the ability to read, analyze, and create layouts from pre-determined storyboards and designs
- an ability to recognize and determine fielding and camera moves for layouts

Successful students will have demonstrated further development in their abilities to:

- draw structurally.
- the ability to create a professional layout package from a given storyboard.

Successful students will have demonstrated attitudes of:
- an understanding for the need for planning and research.
- a professional and co-operative attitude when working with one another.

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