CUL604 - In Search Of The Paranormal

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Subject Title
In Search Of The Paranormal

Subject Description
When the search for truth is propelled by a mixture of spiritual values and fear of the unknown, a clash with the scientific imperative for empirical evidence is inevitable. The resulting dissonance when spiritually based world views and science collide is not easily reconciled, and this is particularly true where the study of paranormal phenomena is concerned.

By investigating the worlds of parapsychology and those of other related phenomena, this subject attempts to alleviate some of the angst and uncertainty arising from this state of conflicted mind. Topics to be examined include: telepathy, clairvoyance, precognitive dreams, dowsing, remote viewing, out-of-body experiences, ghosts, and communicating with the dead, along with other reported phenomena from various parts of the world. Questions dealing with investigative techniques, what the evidence says, what the skeptics say, media influences, wishful thinking and charlatanism, and whether or not this search for truth is ?beyond the realm of science? will be among those addressed.

Credit Status
One general education credit in the Arts & Humanities category

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