CUL202 - The Structure and Art of Film

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Subject Title
The Structure and Art of Film

Subject Description

CUL 202 Introduces students to the elements of film-making. As a medium, film works in unique ways to create meaning for viewers; therefore, to understand movies requires learning how each element of film structure is created, and how each is ultimately combined into an audio-visual unity. Movies are also unique in other ways: their reliance on a combination of other art forms, the communal nature of their creation, and their status as both art form and industry.
Understanding and interpreting the art of film depends on recognizing film?s compositional elements, origins, and combinative nature as art form and industrial/technical product. CUL 202 presents a structured introduction to this complex media form.

Credit Status
One Liberal Studies elective credit in category 1 (CUL) - Culture and Communications

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

Upon successful completion of this subject, the student will be able to

1     Identify and articulate techniques used in delivery of film content
2     Relate the elements of production design to clips/films seen and explain their use
3     Understand and explain the main aspects of cinematography
4    Identify and explain the functions of film editing
5    Know and articulate the uses and effects of sound design relative to image
6    Analyze the role of directorial style in various aspects
7    Begin to work with whole-film analysis

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