CHP633 - Physical Chemistry

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Subject Title
Physical Chemistry

Subject Description
Various principles and some concepts from physical chemistry will have been introduced in Chemical Instrumentation. CHP 633 represents a systematic study of physical chemistry. Physical chemical principles are developed and their relationships to other branches of chemistry are stressed. Topics covered include ideal and real gases, liquid state, solid state, solutions, colligative properties, thermochemistry, homogeneous and phase equilibria. Students are expected to handle these topics with suitable mathematical competence.

Credit Status
Credit Status:
One credit towards the CHY program.

CMI333, OCC433

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Understand the structure and general laws governing the behaviour of gases, liquids and solids

2. Understand that "ideal" materials do not exist and therefore most simple mathematical relationships require refinement in order to approach "real" behaviour

3. Understand the behaviour of solutions, as a natural consequence of the "real" behaviour of materials

4. Understand and interpret one and two component phase diagrams, including mixtures of volatile and non-volatile components

5. Understand colligative properties and there application to real-life scenarios.

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