CHO333 - Chemistry - Organic

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Subject Title
Chemistry - Organic

Subject Description
A number of classes of organic compounds will be studied from the point of view of their structure, nomenclature, synthesis and reactions. In the laboratory portion of the subject separation techniques and some simple identification techniques will be learned.

Credit Status
The subject is worth one credit towards a diploma in the CHYC,CLPC,CLP and CHY programs.
Chemistry, CHM 173 and 273

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

On completion of this semester subject the student should be able to name organic compounds given a structural formula; draw a structural formula given a name. Predict products(s) formed when certain chemicals are reacted together. Separate mixtures into their components and determine their purity.

Essential Employability Skills
Respond to written, spoken, or visual messages in a manner that ensures effective communication.

Execute mathematical operations accurately.

Apply a systematic approach to solve problems.

Use a variety of thinking skills to anticipate and solve problems.

Locate, select, organize, and document information using appropriate technology and information systems.

Manage the use of time and other resources to complete projects.

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