BTO120 - Operating Systems for Programmers - UNIX

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Subject Title
Operating Systems for Programmers - UNIX

Subject Description
Unix is stable, mature, multi-purpose operating system with a reputation for efficiently storing and rapidly delivering Internet content, as well as serving as an effective and efficient development platform for programmers, web designers, graphic artists and document publishers. This course introduces Unix to students majoring in computer programming. Student learn to work in a Unix graphical environment using both Unix and Linux servers. Students also learn to configure their login account, manipulate data stored in files, effectively une Unix commands and utilities, and write basic shell scripts.

Credit Status
1 credit (3 units)
Required for BSD - Bachelor of Technology (Software Development)

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1) customize a Unix login account using environment variables, configuration files and startup scripts 
2) maintain Unix directories and files 
3) manage Unix jobs and processes 
4) use Unix pipes and file redirection 
5) work in both graphical and text-based environments 
6) manipulate data with proper use of Unix filters 
7) automate a sequence of operations by writing a shell script 
8) use Unix networking facilities to connect to remote systems, transfer files between systems and send email 
9) apply Unix security tools to ensure Unix directories and files are protected from unauthorized users 
10) explain the role of an operating system 
11) explain the Unix philosophy 
12) use on-line documentation, research and experimentation to discover how new Unix commands function 

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