BES702 - Air Conditioning

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Subject Title
Air Conditioning

Subject Description
The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration subject is designed to prepare students to operate air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in buildings in a safe, energy efficient, economical and environmentally conscious manner.

Credit Status
One credit toward the Building Environmental Systems (BES) Operator Class II Certificate.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1. Perform simple calculations involving temperature, heat and changes of state and be able to define the terms involved.

2. Describe, using relevant diagrams, the basic refrigeration cycle.

3. Explain the purpose of compressors in refrigeration and describe the safe operation of the main different types of compressors.

4. Explain the purpose of heat exchangers in condensers and evaporators and describe the efficient operation of the main types of heat exchanger.

5. Describe the purpose of metering devices in refrigeration and identify the advantages and disadvantages of the different types in common use.

6. Interpret electrical control diagrams associated with air conditioning and refrigeration and describe the functioning and trouble-shooting of the main electrical components involved.

7. Use a psychrometric chart to perform simple calculations involving air conditions.

8. Prepare an effective preventive maintenance schedule along with relevant reading and trouble-shooting charts.

9. State and explain regulations and procedures involving the safe and environmentally friendly use of refrigerants and refrigeration equipment.

10. Describe how the vapour compression cycle can be reversed to deliver heating as well as cooling to a building.

11. Explain the principles of operation of the various types of chillers.

12. Describe alternative refrigeration systems.

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