ANI200 - Animation-Character Locomotion

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Subject Title
Animation-Character Locomotion

Subject Description
Animation 2 will provide the student with the opportunity to develop their skills further through a series of character animation assignments.

Credit Status
Animation Arts Program Course Hours: In class: 4 hrs. per week / 56 hrs. per semester

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:


Successful students will have demonstrated knowledge of:
-basic animation principles.
-structural drawing and its application to animation.
-the production process of an animated film from initial idea to final projected image.

Successful students will have demonstrated further development in their abilities to:
-draw structurally.
-inter-relate their drawings in such a way as to produce a convincing illusion of motion in time and space.
-use video line-testing equipment.

Successful students will have demonstrated attitudes of:
-responsible awareness of the amount of work and degree of skill required to produce successful animation by a given deadline date.

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